Paying online is quick and easy. Simply click on the “Pay Now” button and you will be redirected to PayPal’s secure website to complete your payment. Although you may use your personal PayPal account to make payments, a PayPal account is NOT required to submit an online payment. You may use either a credit card or your personal PayPal account to make a payment.


Please read 4 steps listed below before submitting payment:

1. Click the “Pay Now” button on this page.

2. Once redirected to PayPal’s secure website, enter your total invoice amount in the “Item Price” field and click “Update”.

3. For Paypal users, log into your PayPal account to begin payment. For non-Paypal users, click the option to proceed paying with a credit card.

4. After submitting payment information, you will be taken to a “Review your payment” page. On this page, click “Add special instructions to merchant” and type your customer number into this field. This is the most important step allowing us to properly credit your account with the funds you are paying.


ATTENTION: Payments made by credit card or by Paypal account are subject to a 3% processing fee for individual invoices exceeding $1,000. This fee will appear on your following month’s statement.